Car Service Ballina


Comprehensive Car Servicing

At K&T Ballina Mechanical, we provide a one-stop auto repair and car service solutions for Ballina & the surrounding areas. Our fully qualified mechanics are able to provide high-quality car servicing for almost all makes and models. When your car is in need of minor repairs or a full car service, there's nowhere else with more experienced hands than K&T Ballina Mechanical.

We have also recently taken over the local business Ballina Brakes, making our services one of the most comprehensive in the region.

So when you need a mechanic in Ballina for car services you can rely on, there's no one better than us.

Car Service For All Vehicle Types

We offer top-quality motor repair and maintenance for single cars, trucks, campers, trailers, scooters, and more, or we can service your entire fleet.

We provide fast, friendly, and affordable mechanic services, helping the people of Ballina one motor at a time.

Pink Slips, Brakes, Suspension & More!

In addition to motor repair and maintenance, we specialise in a range of auto services including brake and exhaust work, as well as:

  • Mechanical repairs and service
  • pink slips or rego checks
  • green slips
  • brakes
  • suspension
  • exhausts
  • mufflers
  • log book servicing

Courtesy cars available including a Ute for Tradies - bookings essential.

  • diffs chassis
  • headlight restoration
  • exhaust systems
  • steel brake fabrication
  • disc and drum machining
  • motor rebuilds
  • Fly wheel grinders
  • Making new hoses & brakelines

Professional, Reliable & Honest Car Servicing

At K&T Ballina Mechanical, our technicians are committed to providing the best possible auto repairs and car servicing in Ballina available. We pride ourselves on our exceptional workmanship and customer service that can't be beaten. When your engine-light turns on, you can trust our team to provide your car with the care it needs to get it back on the road. Whether it's a small tune-up, wheel alignment or more comprehensive detailing, our team have you covered.

Premium Products for Your Vehicle

We use only top of the line products for your vehicle to ensure your car or truck receives premium oil products to keep it running smoothly from:
Penrite Oil
Century Batteries & Wurth
Snap on diagnostic tool & thermal heat gun

Our Motto

We understand the importance of a good running motor. Your vehicle, whether you need reliable transportation to get to work, a strong engine for your camper or RV, dependability from your mobility scooter, or assurance that your fleet can get where it needs to go, our dedicated and professional Ballina mechanics are here for you.

We’ll get that engine humming like new, those brakes stopping you safely, and your mobility scooter getting you back on the go. K&T Ballina Mechanical: We get Ballina moving.



How often should you get your car serviced?

We recommend you get your car services once every 6 months or at least once every 10,000km. This ensures that minor problems are caught early and that your car continues to run smoothly and efficiently. As every car is different, check your logbook or owners manual to make sure you’re servicing your car as recommended.

What is a pink slip inspection?

A pink slip inspection service ensures that your car is safe to drive. In NSW, light vehicles that are more than 5 years old require pink slip checks before they can be registered.

How long should my brakes last?

Brake pads typically last anywhere between 15,000 and 70,000km, however this will depend on how you drive your vehicle, the driving conditions and the quality of the brake pads.
Come down and see us. We offer after hours vehicle drop off and we’re open Saturdays.